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The War on e-Waste

Posted by | August 01, 2018 | E-Waste, Education, Electronics, TechCollect | No Comments

Last night ABC’s War on Waste program focused on e-waste. We commend the ABC for educating Australians about the importance of recycling e-waste – the largest growing waste stream in Australia.

We are also pleased that the episode focused on the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) and showcased our national recycling drop-off program, TechCollect, along with two other e-waste collection services.

TechCollect is Australia’s largest e-waste recycling program and the only not-for-profit operating under the Scheme.

The show’s host, Craig Reucassel, attached a tracking device to a flat screen television he dropped off at one of our TechCollect sites in New South Wales. The e-waste was tracked to our recycling partner in Melbourne, demonstrating the effectiveness of our TechCollect recycling program.

You can rest assured that e-waste dropped off at any of our 100+ TechCollect sites around Australia will be responsibly recycled. You can find out more about where our e-waste goes here.

“The ABC highlighted the importance of the TechCollect program and the impact of responsible e-waste recycling. In six years, we have recycled more than 130,000 tonnes of electronic waste, and our nationwide network spans the breadth and depth of this country – from Darwin to Devonport, and Broome to Bundaberg.” Warren Overton, Chief Executive Officer, ANZRP (which operates the TechCollect program).

We want to thank all Australians who have helped us divert e-waste from landfill. Since commencing our service, we have recovered enough steel to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge again!

TechCollect is funded by world-leading global IT manufacturers, and our Membership agrees that transparent operations are fundamental to TechCollect’s continued success. These Members pay for the collection and recycling of the e-waste, taking responsibility for the products they sell. Their contribution and commitment is fundamental to Australia’s movement towards a circular economy.

Last night’s program also highlighted the need to expand the scope of the NTCRS. Under the Scheme, TVs, printers, computers and peripherals are covered. We believe it should be expanded to include a wider range of products. We have recently published a White Paper discussing this topic, and have identified key improvements we feel would foster positive changes to the current Scheme, Australia’s e-waste recycling industry, and the environment. You can read our White Paper here.

Keep this conversation going and help us continue to divert e-waste from landfill and re-use our valuable resources in the manufacture of new products. Find your closest, free TechCollect drop-off site here.