Why should we recycle e-waste?

E-waste (electronic products that have reached the end of their “useful life”) contains many harmful chemicals. If these products end up in landfill, these toxins can leak into the soil and have devastating impacts on the local environment. We need to change our habits by treating e-waste recycling as the next step in an electronic product’s lifecycle. Help us protect the environment and educate your family, friends and neighbours about the importance of keeping e-waste out of landfill!

Kids – the best environmental ambassadors!

We all love our electronic gadgets!  Think about it – just in your house, how many TVs, laptops and tablets are there? And of course we all want the latest model!

So what do you, and your family and friends, do with your old stuff when you don’t use it anymore? Do you put it away in a cupboard or under the bed, do you throw it in the bin, do you put it out the front of your house, for the garbage collectors to pick-up, or do you recycle it?

The need for us to get rid of our old electronic gadgets (e-waste) the right way is more important than ever, and that’s why TechCollect is here.  We offer a free service to safely recycle your old and unwanted televisions, computers and computer accessories.  That way we look after the environment and re-use as much of our e-waste as possible to make new things.  Check out our awesome activity sheets here!

Primary teachers – how TechCollect can help you!

TechCollect is the only not-for-profit e-waste collection and recycling service under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.  Our job is to ensure that old televisions, computers and computer accessories are safely recycled with as many materials as possible recovered for re-use in new products.

We offer a free service across Australia, with several hundred drop-off points for the general public.

It’s important to change household behaviour to ensure the best possible outcomes for our environment and the community.  That’s why we’d like you help in spreading the word with the best ambassadors of all – kids!

There’s two ways you can help us!

  1. Check out the great new activity sheets we’ve developed for classroom use – you can find them here.  Keep checking out this page as we’ll be increasing our primary school content in the coming months!
  2. Give us your feedback.  We’d love to hear from teachers.  You can contact us at education@techcollect.dycomweb.com

Thanks for helping us to make a sustainable Australia and a more healthy environment!