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Recycling with a social conscience

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Over the past two years ANZRP has worked with collection partner and recycler Endeavour Foundation to recycle e-waste and keep people with disability in jobs they love.

Endeavour Foundation is an independent, for-purpose organisation focussed on supporting people with an intellectual disability to live their best life. Importantly, they offer opportunities for people to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests and be involved in their community.

The organisation has three e-waste recycling sites and dismantles in excess of 150 tonnes of e-waste per month. In doing so, Endeavour helps boost the recycling rate of TVs and computers and reduces the amount of electronic waste in landfill.

Certified to the international benchmark for environmental management ISO 14001, in the 17/18 financial year, Endeavour Foundation’s Redcliffe site (near Brisbane) recycled 287,000kgs of e-waste that was sourced through the TechCollect channel. This e-waste supported employment for 30 people with disability.

Nicole at Endeavour’s Redcliffe site. Photo credit: Endeavour Foundation

Staff spotlight

“I’m Nicole Balenti.. – I mean Franklin! Ha ha ha, sorry, I’m getting used to the new name. I’m loving married life. I don’t usually love change, but the change to being married has been a good one. It was a beautiful big wedding out at Sandgate. One of my best friends from work even came!

I work in e-waste and also work in the Op Shop. I’m very proud of my job. I like pulling apart TVs and learning new things. Every day is different and something new which is good. Learning new things is good.

When I’m at work I’m really focussed on the job. Well, sometimes I think about the weekend, but I’ve got a fun life.”


Sarah dismantling e-waste. Photo credit: Endeavour Foundation



“My name is Sarah. S-A-R-A-H. With an ‘H’.

I’ve been doing e-waste for 5 years. I’ve learnt a lot. I do DVD’s and stuff. I am very popular – everyone is my best friend. I’m a little bit shy but I’m also very social. I had a big party for my birthday. Everyone liked the cake.”

Anna says: “She’s my good friend, she’s the number one. She is nice to everyone.”

Mark says: “She’s a nice lady, and she’s my best friend. We’re going to be best friends forever. She’s also a very good worker, aren’t you Sarah?”