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Endeavour Foundation & TechCollect – a Long-Term Partnership

Posted by | February 15, 2015 | ANZRP, E-Waste, Electronics, Recycling, TechCollect | No Comments

Endeavour Foundation’s e-waste recycling service at Redcliffe – operated in partnership with TechCollect – is a hub of positive activity for 61 employees with a disability, and a great example of the social outcomes that can go hand in hand with the Commonwealth Government’s Product Stewardship Scheme.

Commercial Manager Nick Hully says that people working in the e-recycling service individually dismantle televisions, computers and computer equipment, carefully sorting the components they remove resulting in some of the highest recovery rates in the industry.

“The wide range of tasks involved in e-waste recycling means the partnership with TechCollect creates a perfect basis for meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability,” Mr Hully said.

“People with a vast range of skill levels are able to work in different parts of the recovery process, often working in a niche that is specifically tailored to their abilities and interests, resulting in a fulfilling and enjoyable working life for them as an individual,” he said.

“Employees with a disability also have the opportunity to try their hand at new skills, or learn to operate new tools and pieces of machinery within the recycling process. As their skills develop in this highly supportive environment, employees can increase their earnings and enjoy greater confidence and satisfaction.

“As well as positive social outcomes, employees are trained to meet the technical and safety requirements involved in a highly regulated industry such as e-waste recycling.

“Endeavour Foundation’s Redcliffe e-waste recycling service has successfully implemented ISO 14001, the international compliance benchmark for environmental management, and also complies with the new Australian Standard 5377 for e-waste.

“We are excited about what the future holds in partnership with TechCollect, an important player in the e-recycling industry – both by reducing landfill and in creating meaningful jobs for people with a disability,” Mr Hully said.

By: Nick Hully
Commercial Manager
Endeavour Foundation