Issue 19 – May 2019

Beyond the NTCRS – ANZRP in the Asia Pacific

Welcome to our latest edition of Unplugged. Our ability to service greater needs of our members in different countries has taken some positive steps of late. I recently visited Singapore to attend the Singapore Government’s briefing on its vision for an e-waste product stewardship…

Product stewardship in New Zealand

The prospect of a regulated product stewardship program in New Zealand is edging closer after our recent meeting with the Associate Minister for the Environment last…

Collection Partner Spotlight: Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

A culture of great service and a close connection with the community is the key to the successful operation of Kimbriki…

What will the Victorian e-waste to landfill ban mean?

On the 1st July, Victoria will officially ban the disposal of e-waste to landfill, which covers all products with a plug or battery, not just equipment covered…

Educating tomorrow’s e-waste warriors

TechCollect will soon be inviting schools across the country to help us win the war on e-waste. After the popularity of the ABC’s…

Safety Update

ANZRP is committed to working with its partners to ensure safe work practices and compliance with requirements. Following the new Chain of Responsibility…

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