These Terms and Conditions apply to TechCollect’s 2017 Young E-waste Hero Competition commencing on 16 November 2017 and closing on 30 November 2017.

  1. Entry into the TechCollect Young E-waste Hero Competition (Competition) is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry.
  2. The promoter is Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Ltd (ANZRP Ltd) ABN 29 154 190 691, Level 6, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 (trading as TechCollect).
  3. The Competition commences at 9am on 16th November 2017 and ends at 5pm (AEST)on 30th November 2017 (Competition Period).
  4. The Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in the determination by ANZRP Ltd of the winning entries. Each entry will be judged by ANZRP Ltd or an agent appointed by ANZRP Ltd according to its merits and the winning entries will be chosen on the basis of being the most creative written submission (see clause 8 on submission details).
  5. Entry is open only to Australian residents, who are either Kindergarten/Primary School students (Kindergarten to Year 6) or High School students (Year 7 to Year 12), whose immediate family are not ANZRP Ltd’s staff, contractors, suppliers or members of the ANZRP Ltd Board (you or Eligible Entrants). A first and second prize will be offered to both Kindergarten/Primary School students and High School students.
  6. Eligible Entrants who are under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian approval to enter the Competition and the parent/guardian of the entrant must read and consent to these terms and conditions. Parents/guardians may be required by ANZRP Ltd to enter into a further agreement as evidence of consent to the Eligible Entrant entering this competition.
  7. Entries are free and multiple entries are permitted.
  8. To enter Eligible Entrants must, during the Competition Period, comment on a TechCollect Facebook competition post which will be posted by ANZRP Ltd during the Competition Period on the TechCollect Facebook page at
    1. explaining in 25 words or less ‘How would you spread the e-waste recycling message?’; and
    2. state the Eligible Entrant’s name and school year level (Creative Entry)
  9. An Eligible Entrant who does not have a Facebook account may have a parent/guardian enter of their behalf using the parent/guardian’s Facebook account, however the Creative Entry must be written by the Eligible Entrant.
  10. The Winners’ names and Creative Entries submitted by the Winners may be used for promotional purposes by ANZRP Ltd. Winners will also be required to submit a photo of themselves after being notified by ANZRP Ltd as set out in clause 20 and by entering the Competition you and/or your parent/guardian agree to have your Creative Entry, name and photo published on,, the TechCollect Facebook and Twitter pages and shared with media, the wider public, in emails, print notices and advertisements or other promotional materials as decided by ANZRP Ltd.
  11. Each Eligible Entrant who has entered the Competition (and their parent/guardian if the Eligible Entrant is under 18) warrants that the Creative Entry submitted is the original work of the Eligible Entrant and that it does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights.
  12. Each entry once submitted becomes the property of ANZRP Ltd and by entering into this Competition you agree that all intellectual property rights to your Creative Entry vests in ANZRP Ltd and that you waive all moral rights that you may have in relation to your Creative Entry.
  13. Eligible Entrants must not submit a Creative Entry:
    1. that displays any unsavoury content, which includes, but is not limited to, violent, obscene, indecent, racist, illegal or defamatory images or words;
    2. that attempts to advertise or promote goods or services, websites, competitions or for any other commercial purposes.
  14. If ANZRP Ltd determines in its absolute discretion that a Creative Entry displays any of the content described in clause 13, it will not be accepted as a valid Competition entry and the comment will be deleted from ANZRP Ltd’s Facebook post.
  15. ANZRP Ltd reserves the right at any time to disqualify entries which it reasonably suspects have been submitted using false, incorrect, fraudulent or misleading information, including but not limited to the personal details of the Eligible Entrant.
  16. If for any reason the conduct or operation of the Competition is disrupted in any way by a cause outside the reasonable control of ANZRP Ltd (including any action taken by a government regulatory authority, power failures, network failures, computer viruses or other technical failures) ANZRP Ltd reserves the right to modify, cancel or suspend the Competition.
  17. The two winning entries from each category of Eligible Entrants (Winner or Winners) will be chosen within 2 business days of the end of the Competition Period (Announcement Date) at the offices of ANZRP Ltd or another place designated by ANZRP Ltd. There will only be a maximum of four winning entries chosen and ANZRP Ltd’s decision on the selection of winning entries is final.
  18. The winning entries will be chosen separately for Eligible Entrants in Kindergarten/Primary School and Eligible Entrants in High School. In each category, the following prizes (Prizes) will be awarded:
    1. The first Winner in each category, deemed the most creative Creative Entry submitted by an Eligible Entrant in that age group category, will receive a $1,000 JB Hi-Fi gift card.
    2. The second Winner in each category, deemed the second most creative Creative Entry submitted by an Eligible Entrant in that age group category, will receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi gift card. (JB Hi-Fi Gift Card full Terms & Conditions here:
    3. Where a Winner is under 18, the Prize will be provided to the Winner’s parent or guardian on their behalf, and not directly to the Winner.
  19. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. If ANZRP Ltd is unable to supply the specified Prize, ANZRP Ltd reserves the right to supply another prize of greater or equal value.
  20. The Winners will be notified on the Announcement Date by the TechCollect Facebook account replying to the winning Facebook comments or sending a Facebook private message to each winning submission. Each Winner must claim his or her Prize by sending a Facebook private message (or having a parent/guardian send) to the TechCollect Facebook account containing the preferred postal address for the Prize and, if the Winner is under 18, the full name of the Winner’s parent or guardian within 2 business days of being notified by the TechCollect Facebook account that they are a Winner. If a Winner does not respond within this period then each of the other Winners who do respond by this time will be elevated as appropriate and another Winner may be selected. The new Winner(s) (if any) will be notified in the same way as described in these terms and conditions.
  21. ANZRP Ltd reserves the right to request the Winners to provide proof of identity, student identity and proof of Australian residency status at the nominated delivery address in order to claim the Prize. Acceptance of proof of identification, Australian residency status and entry considered suitable for verification is at the discretion of ANZRP Ltd. In the event that a Winner cannot provide adequate proof, the Winner may forfeit that Winner’s Prize and another Winner may be chosen.
  22. The Prizes will be sent to the Winners by post within 10 business days of the date that the Winner provides ANZRP Ltd with their details in accordance with clause 20). ANZRP Ltd will pay for postage costs for delivery of the Prize and will take no responsibility if the Prize is damaged or lost in transit.
  23. ANZRP Ltd will take no responsibility if a Winner’s contact details are incorrect or incomplete or a Winner cannot be contacted.
  24. By entering into this Competition, each Eligible Entrant understands that ANZRP Ltd’s Privacy Statement applies to them, and is available at ANZRP Ltd may use and disclose personal information provided by the Eligible Entrant in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Statement.
  25. ANZRP Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury incurred by any Eligible Entrant in entering the competition.
  26. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, ANZRP Ltd (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal or permanent injury or loss of life, or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity), whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Competition.
  27. Eligible Entrants acknowledge this Competition is in no way associated with or endorsed by any third party.
  28. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria. Each Eligible Entrant that has entered the Competition, and the parent/guardian of that Eligible Entrant, submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria.